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Fresh products safely

Cold chain tracking

Our health is dependent on the quality, balance and variety of products that compose our daily meals, but it also depends on the security of the products that we consume.Fresh foods are living foods. Germs and bacteria can develop and intoxicate us if they are not preserved as required!

As soon as you take a fresh or frozen product from its rack, the race against temperature rise starts. You’ve bought a wide range of products and were driven by quality criteria? That’s good!

But better not break the cold chain.

From the shop to our homes, there are 3 steps: the trolley, the transport process and the refrigerator.

Some simple security rules to follow :

From the rack to the trolley

You’ve chosen dairy products, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables to vary your diet, Well done: It’s the secret of balance.

You choose fresh and frozen foods at the last moment, just before approaching the cashier, good! : It’s a good way of restricting risks.

You thoroughly read labels to check the contents and the use-by dates, you’ve got good reflexes! : This is an excellent monitoring technique.

You’ve got isotherm bags to put your frozen and fresh products, that’s a very good habit! : It’s the best technique not to break the cold chain.

In the car

When leaving the shop,  you go straight home, at a quicker pace if the sun is shining brightly! : Heat is a threat to security. The quicker you put your things away, the better.

At home 

You’ve not finished till everything is dutifully put away.

It’s a good idea to wash your hands before putting away Frozen and fresh foods.

Each family of food has its own place in the fridge according to the level of cold that is required for its preservation.

- In the coldest zone (2-3 °C): meat, fish and cooked foods
- In the intermediary zone (4–6 °C): yogurts, cheese, pastry
- In the crisper (8–10 °C): Vegetables and fruits

It is recommended to clean your refrigerator once a month.

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