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Corporate Social Responsability

The social responsibility of the companies of the Eclosia Group is a concept that is based on our four pillars that are food self-sufficiency, personal development and employability, formal and non-formal education, and social housing.

Maurilait Production Ltée works closely with the group's Fondation Solidarité for the pooling of projects, monitoring and assessment of projects and financing of the activities. Therefore, for some years now, we have established CSR partnerships with AILES, APEIM, Valentina Sporting Club and other NGOs through the donation of fresh dairy products.

Our ultimate goal is to empower vulnerable children in the Cité Mangalkhan helping them to become active citizens of the Mauritian society by promoting their development through dance activities.
Along with AILES we have put together in 2012 dance workshops. These workshops help teens to act out, to control and channel their feelings through dance. These sessions are held every Saturday at Cité Mangalkhan. The children are supervised by a social worker.


Our collaboration with APEIM dates back to 2011. We started with a small workshop and then we framed a speech therapist project and since 2013 we are working on a laundry project. This project began in APEIM Trianon. The purpose of the latter project is to enable children and adults suffering from a mental disability average to severe, with or without associated disabilities, to improve their learning skills and adaptation capabilities by creating a real work situation.

Valentina Sporting Club
Since Maurilait Production Ltée has set up its activities in the industrial area of Valentina, we had at heart the welfare of the citizens of the surroundings. Thus, for several years, we have developed several avenues of collaboration with the people of Valentina. Among other examples of our commitment, we have been supporting for the last two years the sports development of the inhabitants. We are convinced that sport helps them succeed in life, developing adequate individual and social behavior.

Donations of products
Maurilait Production Ltée offers daily yoghurts to 6 NGOs to enable as many people enjoy the benefits of yogurt.


Maurilait Production Ltd. strongly believes in the benefits of a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of sport. In line with this belief, we have been sponsoring for the last 5 years one of our factory employees in the field of athletics. Jean Luc Vilbrim, marathon runner, has the full support of Maurilait in order to progress in his sports career. The athlete had the opportunity to shine in several national and international events such as the Orange International Marathon, Vital Cross Country, the Paris Marathon (2013 and 2014 editions), and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 among others.

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