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Drinking yogurt

The drinking yogurt of Yoplait is a yogurt with live active enzymes, nutrients of milk and calcium in a sweet and creamy recipe: maximum pleasure and boost!
Since 1995, the plant has a packaging line dedicated to Yop. Since that product has gone through lots of innovation.
With its individual size of 250 g, YOP can be appreciated everywhere: a YOP break where you want, when you want! Yop is available in the following flavours: vanilla, kiwi, fruit and cereal, peach / apricot, pineapple, berries, aloe vera, mango and of course, plain sweetened.
More economical, we offer the eco-pack format for a maximum of pleasure and boost at reasonable prices. Yop is available in the following flavours in lots of 6: fruits and cereals, vanilla, peach / apricot.
For those concerned about their weight, the YOP 0% contains no added sugar. The flavour fruits and cereals is available in packaging of 250 g.

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