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Stirred yogurts

  • Fruit yogurts
    Panier de Yoplait, are delicious products, with a creamy texture , plenty of good fruits, and natural food coloring
    The following varieties are available in pots of 125 g: strawberry, peach, litchis, plums, fruits from the forest, fruits and cereals, Cape fruits, tropical fruits and aloe vera.
    The following varieties are available in economic and family grouping in lots of 8 and in pots of 125 g: peach, cape fruits, strawberries / litchis, fruits of the forest / cereals and tropical fruits / cherry.
    The following varieties are available in 1 kg packaging: peach, Cape fruits, and fruits and cereals.

  • Silhouette fruit yogurts
    To combine pleasure and balance, rediscover the calling of the fruits in a delicious double zero recipe: no added sugar, no aspartame and no fat.
    The following varieties are available in pots of 125 g: litchis, tropical, peaches, plums and aloe vera.

  • Sweetened plain yogurt
    A sweetened stirred plain yogurt. A light texture, creamy and delicious.
    Is sold in packaging of 1 kg

  • Cueillette
    A generous portion of stirred sweetened plain yogurt particularly creamy on a bed of tasty fruits that you can enjoy separately or mixed.
    Sold in pots of 150g in two varieties: peach and strawberries.

  • Safari
    A yogurt with fruit pulp for children sold under the Yoplait brand Safari. Enriched with calcium and vitamin D, they are available in the following flavours: pear / vanilla, strawberry and peach / apricot to delight the palates of our children. Moreover, on top of it, there are no pieces of fruits!
    Is sold in lots of 4 and in pots of 115 g.

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