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ISO 9001

Maurilait  Production Ltée has always had a step forward when it comes to quality.

In line with its commitment towards its clients, its employees, its business partners and the community, Maurilait’s Management readily implemented quality management systems on its way towards Total Quality Control.

ISO 9001 – Quality Control System

Maurilait Production Ltée is certified since 1995. The ISO 9002 standard of that time shapes the corporate requirements of Maurilait. Since this period, the company is certified according to the new successive versions. This standard notably allows to bring out the company’s aptitudes to provide, on a regular basis, a product that’s in keeping with the client’s demands and with the applicable prescribed requirements

It also allows to try to increase customer satisfaction by an effective implementation of the system and, in particular, by setting to work a continuous improvement process according to the PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) principle.

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