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Nutirtional intake

Dairy products and milk make up a food group.  They are composed of building materials. Proteins, calcium and vitamins.. ideal for growing up and building up of one’s bone structure.
Dairy Products Contain

- Proteins of the same nutritional value as that contained in meat, fish or eggs.  They provide essential growing up and building constituents.

- ¼ litre of milk provides 8 to 10g of proteins, as much as 2 yogurts or 50g of meat!

- Calcium, essential for skeletal growth and strength. Dairy Products constitute the 1st source of calcium that’s best used by the body.

- ¼ litre of milk brings 300mg of calcium, as much as 2 yogurts, that is 1/3 of our daily calcium intake.

-B, A and D Vitamins. Dairy Products are an excellent source of B2 and B12 vitamins, but of B1, B6 and B5 vitamins too.  They participate to the muscular and nervous system’s growth and functioning.

Carbohydrates in the form of lactose

- Lipids in full-cream milk and full-creamed dairy products

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